Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Few Things to Consider Before Building a Business Website

They say “organization is the key to success” and, without any organization we are unlikely to achieve our full potential. This has never been more true than it is now in our fast pace digitally driven world. Most business owners and directors, whether mindful of it or not, use this mantra every day. From the planning of the business and opening to daily operations and management, organization is important. In this article, we will discuss how organization plays a key role in building a business website.

There are a few things you need to figure out before jumping into the process of building an online presence. If you are having a hard time making a decision, contact your representative at Leads Online Marketing who will be happy to help you understand your options and make the best choice.

Business Branding

Branding is the way your business is perceived by others, and being consistent with the use of your brand will make it stronger.  Along with selecting a good logo, a business owner will want to determine the business’ personality and a color scheme. Consider what mood or tone you would want to convey to a potential customer with a first impression. Incorporate your final choices into your whole business plan and keep the branding consistent.

In addition to the brand personality and style, we also recommend writing out a slogan, mission statement, a general description of your company and team. This is not something to be kept to yourself in a file somewhere. Pass it along to your business website designer to be added as public content. Once that is done, any random individual should able to engage your brand and have a clear idea of what you do and what sets you apart from the rest.

Remember, your brand needs to remain uniform across its website, social media, and even in print.

Page Content

You will need more than a brand and about section to make a successful website. Any and all products and services offered should be discussed somewhere on the website. The more relevant quality content available the better. One reason for this being is that Google favors web pages with high standards of content. Also, and in some ways one in the same, users should be able to learn as much as they want about your company just be browsing the website.

It is not uncommon for users, also known as potential customers, to rule out hiring a company because they were dissatisfied with the website content. This can be due to a seemingly simple questions they could not find an answer to or a service not found listed, and that person is likely to hire the competitor with the website that was most useful. No need to worry about being a good writing. As long as you are able to provide a comprehensive list of service and/or products with as many details and resources as possible, our team of content writers should be able to put the information to good use on your site.

Text is not everything when it comes to webpage content as photographs and images are great attention grabbers and can help it stand out. Set yourself apart by provide plenty of visual references to products, on-site work, projects and even your team members.


Is there another purpose to your website other than supporting your brand and promoting leads? Consider adding other useful sections to your website such as customer forms, appointment scheduling, instant price quotes, helpful links, or even E-commerce. Get a clear idea of what functions you want your website to perform, make a list, then call us to discuss how to make your ideas a reality.

Having these matters sorted out before building a business website can save you and your website builder precious time and resources needed to make your business successful. Leads Online Marketing makes the process easier by assigning you a personal representative who will continue to be available to address any questions or concerns even after your site is fully launched and ranking well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Google and Apple Team Up to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 has been quite the tough year so far, courtesy the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease, which started from the spread of a novel coronavirus among a few locals in Wuhan in China, has now affected all but 15 countries, infected more than 20 million worldwide and caused the deaths of nearly 150,000. Included in the numbers are over 672,000 confirmed cases and more than 33,300 deaths within the United States. So, it seems sensible to find new and more effective ways to tracking and control the viruses spread. 

For months, we have seen more markets, factories and trade centers shut down. Many businesses have either stopped operating, shifted to online ordering, delivery and pick-up only, or a work-from-home model while millions of people have lost their jobs or taken cuts in their salaries – and all of this as most among the healthy remain confined to their own homes. Even with the virus peaking, the United States is preparing to loosen restrictions in order to get the economy stimulated again while still hoping to mitigate the spread of the virus. At such a critical time everyone should be following appropriate guidelines to try to ensure the health and safety of our communities but, as we know, this is not foolproof. And brings to light the importance of tracking person-to-person contacts when they do occur.

In an age when “social distancing” is the norm, the world got a new surprise when tech rivals Google and Apple announced a team up to create and launch a contact tracing system. The goal is to help the public and governments trace the activities of the people infected with COVID-19 and gather real-time data on the spread of COVID-19 while also alerting those that may have been exposed.

Contact tracing as a task is as straightforward as it sounds – it is set of processes followed in the event of the spread of various infectious diseases (such as the novel coronavirus) wherein epidemiologists and health care workers trace all the people the diseased had contact with. Once this location has been completed, the various persons in question are tested, and if required isolated so that they can be treated and do not end up spreading the disease further. The same process is repeated for each contact till no evidence of infection is found.

In the older years, this was extremely difficult, if not impossible – despite the fact that people did not travel at the pace at which they are now. Most notably used for measles, Ebola, and HIV, the process of contact tracing involved multiple phone calls and visits, along with long-drawn interviews. While the process is faster (and thanks to technology) simpler today, it still takes a few days at least to trace contacts for each patient. Wuhan in China seemed to have managed the situation with a team of 9,000 health workers who worked in teams of five. However, in other countries like Italy and United States, where the number of infected patients is much higher, hiring health workers exclusively for contact tracing is virtually impossible. The process is also tough in other economically challenged countries like those in Africa, South America and Asia, where resources are scarce to begin with.

Building upon these visible difficulties, the recommendations of various educational institutes and research bodies including (but not limited to) the University of Oxford and the European Data Protection Supervisor, and the success of similar contact tracing apps in curbing the spread of COVID-19 in countries like South Korea and Singapore, the app will maintain an automatic record of an individual’s whereabouts and contacts, and will constantly update areas that are most affected and most at-risk of developing the infection.

Such an app has some very key benefits to offer. Real time generated contact records will help health workers trace contacts without the drudgery of going through the process manually. This will help save vital time and bring in, test and treat the infected faster – preventing more deaths and infections. On the other hand, identification of hotspots and those generally at a higher risk will enable governments to enact proper testing and sanitization protocols, helping to curb the spread of the contagion.

With two tech giants working behind the project, no size or technical challenge will be too big. Given the fact that both Apple and Google have billions of users all over the planet, an app that works cross-platform unanimously will easily integrate into phones all over the world, irrespective of nationalities, languages and people’s lifestyle choices. So long as they have a smartphone, their movements can be traced. 

If this were a few months ago, when the novel coronavirus wasn’t as much in the picture, such an app would be an appalling idea, with people rolling their eyes on governments’ desire to take surveillance to an all-time high. But now, this more than a tolerable idea because it isn’t just the governments but people who need to know where and how they can move safely. A large portion of the world itself is currently under lockdown, and while that does seem to be working, it simply cannot be a permanent solution. Moreover, even when the curve gets flattened and the disease does get contained, there is always a chance of a second wave of outbreaks. An app that traces the movement of people is more than the best way to avoid another unwanted outbreak of the deadly novel coronavirus – it is the need of the hour.

Help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus by maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 ft between yourself and others in public.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Your Guide to 5G

Among the various hot topics that currently rule news lines across the world the soon-to-be-commonplace 5G technology. A big leap from its predecessor – 4G – 5G, which is at least 20 times faster than the former, is already running pilot tests in major places all over the world and will be the norm in most countries by as soon as early 2020. The technology has a lot of press surrounding it – from being able to process at never before speeds and revolutionize the way we look at data processing to connecting the remotest of areas to the internet to possible health and environment concerns.

While we are yet to know how exactly the future of 5G will unfold, when it will reach different countries in the world, how it will change the way we work, and if there really are any considerable health concerns, it is imperative to know what 5G is and how it works.

What is 5G?

Short for ‘5th Generation,’ 5G is indeed the 5th generation of mobile internet connectivity that promises a more stable connection, faster processing speed, faster download and upload speeds and a level of connectivity that is much wider and broader than the current 4G. With 5G, you can bid adieu to buffering to the highest quality of videos and disruptions when you are sharing your videos – even in the most crowded of areas. And that, of course, is just the beginning. Carrying on from the analog cellular 1G, the TDMA, GSM and CDMA enabled 2G, the UMTS and HSPA 3G and of course the currently running LTE and WiMAX 4G, 5G will take internet speeds to hundreds of megabits, and not surprisingly even gigabits!

How will 5G affect service providers?

Almost all major communication service providers are currently running their 5G pilot programs, or at the very least have obtained their 5G licenses and are making their plans to take the best advantage this technology can offer. 5G will change the data landscape in a way that is similar to how 4G prioritized data plans and packages over phone call and SMS ones. With a much higher rate of efficiency, 5G will enable wireless devices to work at higher speeds, which will, in time, allow them to roll out new services and capabilities that were previously not possible. Of course, we are yet to see exactly what they may be and how they will affect each one of us individually.

Besides wireless technology, service providers using 5G-enabled fixed wireless access will also be providing a much better, never-seen before level of speed and connectivity, making businesses much more efficient and effective at their jobs and at budgeting.

How will 5G affect the world in general?

Whereas technology is concerned, the world is at a stage that was never before thought possible – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and IoT (Internet of Things) are no longer fantasies and theories but the present reality we all live in. Given the speed at which this technology is expanding, we sure enough will need infrastructure that is capable of sustaining them. That’s where 5G comes into the picture. With its exponentially higher capabilities, 5G will not only allow us to take advantage of the current technology, but it will also pave the way to make room for tech that is even more efficient and unlock opportunities that we never thought was possible before.

5G is bound to touch and revolutionize every industry it touches – be it media and entertainment, finance, banking, security or healthcare.

Will 4G be gone for good?

The interesting thing about 5G is that while the other Gs, upon their introduction essentially retired their older counterparts (think 2G memes in 2014), 4G will remain here to stay, even with the proliferation of 5G. First of all because 5G will initially only be used to boost the current Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks as most current devices are in fact not capable of supporting 5G in its proper form. With time, and spread of full compatible hardware, 5G will stand on its own as a service.

And yet, at the same time, advancement in 4G technology will continue to take place – and 4G itself is expected to reach up to speeds of 2 Gigabits per second – which is in fact what the Qualcomm X24 modem, built into most 2019-manufactured 4G smartphones, is capable of.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Have we quietly stepped into a new age of quantum computing technology?

According to reports, Google’s AI Quantum Group has achieved something that many thought could only be science fiction  -accomplishing “quantum supremacy”. Being able to reach levels of speed and accuracy that other machines, and their makers, could never fathom. If this has truly been achieved like it is being claimed, it is indeed a technological milestone and would change the way the world in ways that we cannot yet fully imagine.

It all started when a NASA lab/Google Partner accidentally posted an online report that Google physicists had managed what is unattainable using the world's current supercomputers. Even though it seemed the milestone of quantum supremacy had been accomplished the create was still not a full-fledged quantum computer.

While both the tweet and the paper were subsequently taken down, screenshots and copies are, of course, still available and moving in various channels of the internet. Unsurprisingly, neither party has responded to any and all questions regarding the claims, sending the whole world into a frenzy of questions and theories and begging the fundamental question whether quantum computing really has been achieved.

While that is still – and will seemingly remain up in the air for some time, let’s know what quantum computing technology really is and why it is the biggest thing ever to happen in the world of science and technology.

What is Quantum Computing?

Essentially, quantum computing is a level of speed and efficiency of computing that even the best and fastest computer right now cannot work at. A breakthrough like none other, computers using this technology will be able to solve the most complex of problems (that could take years or even decades) and solve them in a much shorter span of time.

The general belief among the scientific community is that at least 49 qubits are necessary to enter into the realm of quantum supremacy. The notable factor, here, is that qubits function in a way that is very diverse from the “classical” computer’s bits. In case of bits, they exist either as a “1” or a “0.” Computers, therefore, read and work on a single bit during a particular period of time. Qubits, on the other hand, can show combination of “1” and “0” because of peculiar quantum effects where properties such as momentum, particle position, and direction, aren’t solidly defined. A system based on this principle, can therefore solve in multiple states at the same moment – a phenomenon known as quantum indeterminacy.

In simpler terms, quantum computers can read and process “1s” and a “0s” during the same span of time, allowing for faster and better processing of information and allowing the system to act on processed information in real time. This, of course, will speed up the computing process exponentially and allow for speeds much faster than that of the current “classical computers.”

What is Google’s Contribution?

Truth be told, we can never say what is what until we get an official confirmation from the tech giant itself. What we do know, however, is that Google has been the leader when it comes to computing hardware and proved it’s leadership again recently when it unveiled its 73-Qubit processor that put competitor IBM’s 53-Qubit in second place.

That being said, the leaked NASA paper reveals that Google actually used a different – and a 53-Qubit (albeit originally a 54-Qubit) processor called Sycamore to make its demonstrations. The first step of the demo involved a classical computer being used as a ‘simulator’ to generate quantum instructions known as ‘quantum gates,’ the quantum counterparts of the logic gates utilized in classical computers. These were then sent to the quantum computer that would perform exclusively on qubits in pure zero states, and finally made to output samples from the probability distribution obtained from performing on the qubits. This was later cross-checked by running the same operation through the classical computer’s format in order to compare and contrast results. Quite expectedly, Sycamore did take a considerably less amount of time and did not cross the error threshold.

The question that arose here was that if a classical computer could in fact do the same operation, could scientists not tweak them instead of moving to a whole new principle altogether? Not according to Google’s scientist, who clearly published in their research paper that it would take the world’s most advanced computer at least 10,000 years for a computer working on the classic principle to achieve what a quantum computer would do in 200 Seconds – clearly an unmatched competition.

Now, when Google did manage to bring a success case from its 53-Qubit, it would only be a matter of time till it would achieve a similar level of success with its 73-Qubit as well. But the question is – has that already been done? Until Google does come out with it in the open, we can only call it a likely possibility. Right now, it is of course undeniable that Google is indeed leading the pack with its findings, and that its experiment with the Sycamore has made a breakthrough when it comes to computing.

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Simple Guide to Avoiding Common Internet Scams

In today's day and age, the internet is something we simply cannot do without. After all, it has such a wide world of benefits to offer.    
Much like every other thing in life though, the internet is far from perfect. Just as it helps us makes our life smoother, it also acts as a ground for thieves who try to steal personal and sensitive information. This often includes scams such as phishing, which can - and does - cause great loss to individuals and companies.

As a well-experienced online marketing company in Charlotte NC, we hear about and see many examples of risky situation that can easily be avoid. We know by being alert and following some simple rules, however, you can stay away from some of these online scams with ease.

online security risk, security weakness, compromised security, internet scams

The following are some common tips that will help you stay away from online traps:

#1: Never give financial information to anyone

Many scammers are known to reach out to unsuspecting individuals via email, text or even phone calls and manipulate them into revealing their personal and financial information. This is a commonly-used scam known as phishing, where the scammers pose as an institution, service or even a government agency, and try to trick you into revealing sensitive financial information. For example, a thief may try to obtain private information such as your Social Security Number or Credit Card Number by [falsely] claiming that your account has been compromised or that it needs to be updated.

Always keep in mind that institutions like Google will not call you personally asking for your personal information. If you get from someone claiming to be a representative of your bank or credit card company, keep in mind that you have the right the verify their identity before releasing private or sensitive information. So, in case you receive a suspicious call or email that request a release your personal information, do not respond and instead contact the relevant institution directly to verify your account status. The representative or automated system will still want to verify your identity with some questions and that should be okay knowing that you are speaking to the right people.

#2: Never click on unknown email hyperlinks

Many scammers reach out to people by sending meticulously composed, but nonetheless fake, emails which offer "services" or “prizes” that can be claimed by clicking the hyperlink/opening the attachment and submitting the users' financial information. This is another common scam called pharming. You must, therefore, make it a point to NEVER respond to such emails, even if they look legitimate or appear to have come from your credit card company or your bank. In the event that you do receive an email from an unknown or untrusted address, you must delete it immediately.

It is worth mentioning that is possible for the email addresses (that you trust) of friends, family, and even co-workers to be hacked and used to send out malicious links. If an email from a contact seem suspicious in anyway, we recommend using this as an opportunity to reach out to the person by phone and confirm the email was in fact sent by them.

#3: Use varied passwords that are tough-to-crack

Tempting as it might be, a password like “Fluffy” or "98765" is basically an invitation for hackers to compromise your accounts. You must always make sure that the password that you use is a strong one. A strong password should be at least 10 characters long and must have upper and lower case letters, numbers as well as special characters.

It is recommended that passwords be a play on a question/answer and/or long phrases. An example of this is “d03$uRdoGluV*U2?^4deBAit” which when read as a question and answer would be, Does your dog love you too? Up for debate. Furthermore, you should also make sure to use unique password for every website that you visit. No two should be alike.

Watch computer professional and former Central Intelligence Agency employee and contractor, Edward Snowden, discuss passwords and “passphrases” on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

Some of the content in this video may not be suitable for young audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

#4: Install a good antivirus software that offers spyware and malware protection

Installing a good-quality antivirus will help you protect all the sensitive information stored on your computer. Ensure that your antivirus offers adequate firewall and spyware protection, and make sure to turn on the auto-updating feature once you install the program to keep the software updated at all times. (Be aware that some software updates include new or changed privacy settings which you will want to review and manage accordingly.)

#5: Never download software you see on pop-up windows

We are all aware of those pesky pop-up windows which claim that our computer "is unsafe," or something of that nature, and offer their own software to "remedy the problem." If you click these pop-up links to start the “system scan,” you might just end up downloading malicious software or “malware” which could damage your operating system.

#6: Always ensure that you're visiting safe websites

Make sure that the website where you will be submitting your financial information has its security settings in place. Make sure to double-check the privacy rules and see to it that it is using encryption. Encryption is symbolized by a "lock" present on the left of the web address; if you see this lock, it means that any information you enter is encrypted safely and is well-protected against hackers.

By following the tips above, you should be able to safeguard yourself and your business from the most scammers and fraudsters. However, with every new advancement in consumer information protection comes a new trick from the bad guys. For that reason, you encourage you to stay educated, stay wary and do your best to stay safe.

Is your website safe? Are you not sure but want to be? If you desire a well-designed, high-ranking, user-friendly and safe website, contact us today. Our expert team of web developers and web designers is ready to build your dream website while ensuring all protections are in place to keep you and your site visitors safe. Click here to fill out a contact form or call (855) 785-3232 to speak directly to our head representative and company owner, Ricky.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Getting Started With Your Business Blog

Content marketing is a great way for small business owners to make themselves known and get noticed by the right people online. If you are unfamiliar with content marketing, don’t worry because we are starting with one of the easiest and well-known areas –blogging. When approached the right way, blogging really is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to create marketable content. This is content that supports your brand while enticing the interests of online users, which maybe potential customers to your business.

Blogging, content marketing, branding, creative content, audience engagement, Getting Started With Your Business Blog image 1. Woman using laptop.
The idea of creating and maintaining a blog may sound very overwhelming but it is our hope that this article will help guide the way toward to success business blogging experience. Once you embark on the process, you will find that it is not intimidating at all. You may even find it hard to stop!

Here are ten tips for starting and maintaining a successful business blog:

#1. Make sure that the information you provide is valuable, useful and relevant:

Always ensure that any and all information you provide is useful for the reader and relevant to the topic at hand. If your information is easy-to-comprehend and well-organized, it will attract reader, many of whom will go on to become regular readers. In other words, the old writing mantra of "show, don't tell" is very effective. For instance, if you are promoting a business strategy, a solid example of a business that has already achieved success will be the best way to prove your point. Also, don’t shy away from adding images that support the information in a blog article.

#2. Don't be afraid to go off-topic sometimes:
While it is always a good thing to keep your focus on brand related blogging topics, too much of it can in fact make things monotonous. A excellent way to keep your blog fresh and engaging is to find a new way to look at the same, old topics or introduce some that are a little more outside the box. Consider discussing local news and events, hobbies related to products/services your business provides, a list of favorite local restaurants or even personal movie and book reviews.

Buying lunch for the office? Why not ask each associate to write a few sentences about their choice of food. Everyone has to eat and your customers may enjoy learning a little about local favorites.

#3. Let your readers subscribe at the touch of a button:
A recurring problem with many interesting business blog is that they either have no subscribe option, or it is not within the reader's general view. Make sure that your blog has a subscription option and see to it that it is in a place that is easy-to-find, like on your website.

#4. Share and promote your content:
No matter how popular or engaging your content may be, there is always a chance that your readers (subscribers included) may miss it. It is therefore best that you give a gentle reminder to your readers about your blog every time you post. There are plenty of ways to share your posts, from social media and your website, to newsletters and even in your email signature.

Be proud of your blog and own it! Don’t just share a blog article on your business’ social media. Log into your personal Facebook account to like and share the blog post from your business’ Facebook Page.

#5: When it comes to format, make sure to mix and match:
The biggest enemy of any blog is the tendency to descend into monotony. A great way to avoid this from happening is to mix up your posts a little, both in terms of format and content. Alternating long all-text posts with shorter posts or video posts is a great idea, as is peppering your posts with a few images.

#6. Express your point of view:
While being neutral is generally a good policy, it does pay to take a stand sometimes. If there is a hot topic in your industry and you feel strongly about it, come out and say so. At times, a little bit of controversy can get your blog in the center of everyone's attention!

#7. Make sure that your blog is easy-to-read:
Remember, a blog that gets the point across simple and easily is always the best. Make sure to keep your posts from getting overly verbose, and make use of formatting (bullets, subheadings, etc.) as and when necessary. This makes your post easy on the reader's eyes and helps them narrow in information that is most important to them.

#8. Edit and proofread!
Grammatical and/or spelling mistakes are one of the biggest turnoffs of any blog posts. You must, therefore, make sure that your blog doesn't have any. Before publishing, re-read your posts to catch any errors that may be present. You can also ask a colleague to proofread your posts to confirm that they are indeed error-free.

#9. Introduce yourself:
Your business blog is a manifestation of your business' personality. A business that is in fact created by you. While your business blog is about business (and should remain as such), adding the occasional post that mentions your personal life and experiences, or even an anecdote is not a bad idea. Such posts give your blog more personality and help attract a diverse kind of reader, while allowing your consistent readers to look at you in a new light.

#10. Be patient:
Your blog is not a race, it is something that you build gradually with time. The blog will have to build momentum, pull in readers, and make a dedicated following - all of which will only come with time. Remember - slow, steady, and consistent wins the race!

If you have been blogging for some time and cannot seem to get more readers, don't get discouraged. Most business blogs need a bit of a boost to get any attention. A successful blog may receive a good deal of attention due to traffic to the main website or webpage, which it is linked to prominently. However, high-quality website design and SEO are necessary to get the most out of both properties. With the right online marketing strategy, a business website and blog can work together to maximize exposure across the web.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Your Guide to Maintaining Good Internet Etiquette

Internet Etiquette, netiquette, professional, online behavior, social media, online marketing
Gone are the days when "internet" simply meant talking on chat rooms and typing-in old documents. So many different things are done via the internet these days - from talking with friends and family in real time (even when they're on the other side of the globe), to talking on forums and seminars, and even maintaining entire offices. With so much being done online today, it is all the more important for people to put their best foot forward online in every way they can. From talking on social media to answering emails and online advertising to website content, it is always good to think before you share while also following some basic rules.

Here are some ways in which you can keep your internet etiquette (or should we say, "netiquette") in check:

Mind Your Manners

Just because you're not actually talking face-to-face with the other person, doesn't mean that you are free to say or do anything you like and not bear the consequences. Remember, any professional relationships you build online are just like the ones you make in real life - they are based on mutual respect and politeness.

Here's a small tip to help you get started: If you would not normally say or do something in a face-to-face conversation, make sure that you don't post it online either.

Avoid Strong Language

While strong language does include rude and foul words, those are only a part of the concept. Strong language can mean a lot of things. For instance, refrain from writing overtly verbose language - you are communicating to another person, not showing-off your superior vocabulary skills. Avoid words and expressions that qualify as rude and foul in any way.

Another thing to take notice of is not using all caps while writing. While many consider this a way of making their posts and messages more easily readable, it is often interpreted as a shouting expression, which is considered rude in most instances.

simulated text chat conversation demonstrating the misuse of CAPS

Proofread Your Work

As in real life, there are different ways of communicating with friends and co-workers or colleagues. For instance, a 'Gr8' can work with your sister, but won't fly with your boss. Sticking to formality, writing in proper writing style and keeping up all the grammar rules is always the best practice.

Be Extra-Careful With Sarcasm and Humor

When it comes to sarcasm and humor, interpretations vary from one culture, and even from one person to another. While it is understandable for you to express sarcasm and/or humor every once in a while, you must make sure that the message you convey expresses the intended message clearly. More often than not, a well-meant joke can be interpreted as an offensive statement.

Don't Forget to Cite Your Sources

One simply cannot be expected to come up with a fabulous original thought all the time. If you do borrow a thought or an idea that in fact belongs to someone else, make sure to credit them even if your expression of the idea isn't a word-by-word copy. Not only does that keep you out of possible copyright-related trouble, it also creates a good impression on others by showing them that you are humble enough to mention when a great idea isn't yours. Copyright infringement in the form of duplicated website content is also greatly frowned upon by Google and, if abused, is a penalizable offense.

With the internet expanding into virtually all facets of our lives, there are now countless things that are done online; from texting your best friend, to booking an appointment, and even working in offices. While it may be tempting to forget the rules and "hide" behind your computer, it is certainly not a good thing to do and can do irreparable damage to your reputation. Before you click that 'send' button, make sure that you have followed all there is to proper internet etiquette.

For more business, internet and marketing articles, visit our blog at LeadsOnlineMarketing.blogspot.com

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Bit About Blockchain

The “Bitcoin revolution” has taken the entire world by storm and has brought forward concepts that were previously little-known. Take for instance, blockchain technology – while the technology has been in the news since 2008 (on a concept that is in fact decades old), it is only because of the recent meteoric rise in Bitcoin rates that blockchain has come to the forefront. In fact, Bitcoin would never have gained the reputation it did if it wasn’t for blockchain!

Google search requests for “blockchain” have increased by a record 250% and has put it right beside some of the most famous personalities and celebrities out there. Major companies, retail chains, and even governments are considered incorporating the system in a way that profits them. Ironically, the way blockchain works is still a mystery to many.

Blockchain, block chain, technology, data

So what is blockchain after all? And why is there so much hype around it? This is what we want to explore this time around.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is defined by Investopedia as,
"a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions."
As the name itself implies, blockchain consists of several "blocks" (each of which contains a record of new transactions - be it a cryptocurrency, or some kind of data), which is added one-by-one like chain, thereby creating a blockchain.

Put more simply, one can explain in it terms of the internet - just as the internet allows free flow of information from one person to another without the need of any third person, blockchain technology allows transfer of cryptocurrency from one person to another without any third party (like a bank).

What makes Blockchain so popular?

The thing that sets blockchain apart from any other means of the transaction is the fact that it offers transparency and security – both at the same time, and without the need for any financial middleman (such as a bank) and even entire governments. Blockchain and cryptocurrency allows every user to track any transaction that they ever made, since they’re all stored in the blocks.

The second thing that makes blockchain ideal is the fact that it is tamper-proof – data once written on a block cannot ever be erased or even manipulated, which allows for easy tracking and prevents malicious activities for gaining any ground.

Does Blockchain have a future?

This is a question that is there on the minds of many. While several banks and even governments claim blockchain and cryptocurrency to be a “passing fad,” it is actually anything but that. The transparency and tamper-proof nature of blockchain technology means that it has the power to disrupt practically any industry that needs to transfer data (monetary or not) from one point to the other. A lot can be stored on blocks – from medical records and confidential files to legal files and evidence, among others.

Last but certainly not least, blockchain is decentralized. This means it requires no “facilitator” to function and also means data is more secure. With data spread out in blockchains, it is harder for hackers to target and access specific bits of information. In short this is good news for anyone who would want a middleman-free transaction with more security. And, who wouldn’t? This may also be the security our society needs in a time of high-level cyber-attacks and hacking but, only time will tell.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Springtime Tips for Small Businesses

Springtime Tips for Small Businesses, Business Owners, Employers, Charlotte NC, North Carolina
Today, spring has officially sprung in Charlotte, NC and across the Northern Hemisphere! Even though the temperature is due to drop back down to near freezing tonight, we can still look forward and start planning for the warmer weather ahead. A mental to-do list may include beach days, family holidays, and lakeside hikes but, there are seasonal changes to consider for your business as well as your personal life.

In this article, we will explore ideas to help business owners make the best of the spring season. Most of these tips can be utilized throughout the summer too.

Spring Clean

Keeping an office tidy throughout the year is important for promoting better time management and productivity in employees. However, ‘organized’ does not equate to ‘clean’ and most offices need a good deep cleaning at least once a year. This is the type of cleaning not being done by the nightly custodian such as deep carpet cleaning, air vent cleaning, dusting high surfaces, and descaling the coffee maker just to name a few.

To tackle the spring cleaning of your office you may hire a cleaning service or devote a day for employees to work together to get it done. Consider structuring this as team building activity. Be sure to reward employees for their efforts, perhaps by providing them with a free lunch.

Make Changes Known

Spring time usually brings about many changes surrounding basic business operations. If there is something changing about your business that could impact customers, then make it known. Announce it on your website, change your Facebook status, update Google, and whatever else you can think of to make new information known to the public.

One of the most commonly overlooked seasonal changes is the updating of business hours. Many businesses operate on seasonal schedules, fall/winter hours and spring/summer hours, but some neglect to make this known. Having the wrong hours posted is a sure way to upset potential customers wanting to contact or visit a business. To avoid this mishap, contact your online marketing company to request a business website and listings update. (Don’t forget to do this again come fall.)

Enjoy the Fresh Air & Sunshine

It’s been proven that a regular dose of fresh air and sunshine can improve a person’s health and vitality. Employees along with employers should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our natural world and there are several ways to make this possible. Planning team outings, picnics, and volunteering as a team are great ways to shake things up and get outdoors. Another idea is to invest to create or improve upon an existing outdoor sitting area to give office workers the best place to relax in the time allotted for breaks. A couple benches, chairs or a picnic table and a few seat cushions are all you need to get started.

For companies fortunate enough to own their building and have adequate outdoor space available, the opportunities are virtually endless. From grilling stations and garden plots to corn hole sets and smoking zones, you can create the perfect outdoor spaces for yourself and your employees to recharge -whether it is to be enjoyed every day or bi-weekly.

bench seat under a tall tree and overlooking a flower garden filled with a variety of colorful tulips. Spring flowers. Charlotte, NC
Stay tuned to the Leads Online Marketing blog for more tips to help you improve your business, including a special article on Office Gardens that will publish next month. If you have any questions or feedback about the article above, please feel free to reach out to us at leadsonlinemarketing.com/contact-us/

We appreciate you reading our blog! Be sure to visit our website to learn more about our online marketing services. Give us a call to discuss how we can help your business stand out across the web, (704) 251-6519.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Market Your Business Online For Free

mobile online searches used to find products and services
Advertising is not what it used to be in the world of business. The computer age has taken marketing online. However, marketing your business in this new way does not have to cost a fortune. Here are some free ways to market your business online.

Claim Directory Listings

There are a vast amount of directories that will list your business without a fee. Yahoo! Local and Google Places are just two of those many directories. Additionally, there are an abundance of business associations that allow you to list your business on their respective websites. The benefit of this tactic is that many of these free directories show up in search engine results.


The charge for putting up a blog post and then promoting it via social media is zero. It is highly recommended that any kind of business engaged in online marketing should feature a blog with consistent posts. Blogging has evolved into somewhat of a staple when it comes to Internet marketing. Keep content consistent, relevant and engaging.

Put Out a Newsletter

It is meant to include helpful information about your business and its respective industry. Current events are also a good inclusion. Furthermore, there are many e-zine directories, such as The E-Zine Directory, which permit business to advertise their newsletters for free.

E-mail signature example

Use E-mail Signatures

This is a recommended standard. Include a footer in every e-mail which contains links to your website, social media, blog, etc. The process of setting this up is a rather easy one. Anyone who takes the time to read your e-mails will have links at their disposal and can easily learn more about your business.

Use Free Forms of Diversified Content

Try doing a podcast providing helpful hints and expert tips in your specific industry area. Podcasts can be listened to anytime and many people even subscribe to their favorite podcasts. When aiming to go the visual route, video marketing and YouTube are excellent tools! Keeping in mind a similar school of thought with podcasts, videos can boost your website ranking and expand your web presence. Try making a video that appeals to your product or customer base. 

Leads Online Marketing uses a variety of content and strategies to bring your message to the masses. Internet Marketing can pave the way to new business with the help of extensive experience, proven results and industry expertise. Contact Leads Online Marketing today and help your business see a better tomorrow.


Friday, October 20, 2017

The Fool’s Gold of Online Marketing

When presented with an online marketing product or service, it may seem attractive on the outside but, is it really worth it or are you being fooled? In this article, we detail the distasteful tactics used by many other online marketing companies to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses.

This is America and as an American business we believe success is not just our own but that of our nation. Success is not measured by the wealth of few but instead by the well-being of each employee, our customers, and community. We cannot forget our fellow Americans. That is why we are committed to the true American way of doing business with fair and honest practices.

Misinformation: Falsehoods, inaccuracies, deceptions, myths, or lies… False information by any name is still false and, unfortunately, it has become copious in today’s digital world. Businesses should keep in mind that pretty presentations and featured reports are not always evidence of a company’s abilities or success. Before hearing a pitch, its best to know a little about what the numbers mean and what realistic results are.

One term that is sure to come up when discussing SEO services and website rankings is “keywords” or “keyphrases”. These are words or phrases that a business wants to rank for. For example, a keyword for a plumbing company could be “plumber” or “toilet repair” and the goal is to have the business website display within localized Google results when these terms are searched for by a consumer in their target areas. All of this is related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can take up to 6 months to begin producing results.

Some organizations will attempt to deceive consumers with misleading ranking reports. They may say something like a business has 1,000 keywords ranking on the top two pages of Google, which can sound great. But, what are the keywords and are they worth paying for? Many times unrelated, uncompetitive, and/or outrageously long keywords are used to inflate positive figures on a dishonest report. Back to our plumber as an example, the phrase “best plumber in the Southside of Charlotte at 1111 SE 1st AVE” should not be included in a ranking report nor should a business be paying to rank for it. Think, what are the chances of someone typing and search for that exact phrase in Google or any search engine? Also, be wary if the company is unwilling to share a list of the keywords correlating to their report numbers.

Like with many industries – banking, insurance, manufacturing, and others – there is only so much you can know before buying into a product or service. Sometimes that means putting a little faith in a company. At Leads Online Marketing, we know in our hearts that every day we do what is best for our clients because their success is our success and that type of relationship cannot be based of falsehoods.

Quantity over Quality: Quality keywords are not the only things to look into when choosing an online marketing service provider. Internet marketing can incorporate a wide variety of services including but not limited to website design and management, email and pay-per-click advertising, and social media. However, as with keywords, there can be a quantity over quality issue.

Google has always said that websites should have “relevant, quality content” to rank in its search. This rhetoric is supported by Google’s endless efforts to update its search algorithm in order to improve results (and profit). This is why it is so important, now more than ever, for a business to produce quality content across the web starting with the main website and blog. If your web pages and blog article consist of a few hundred words or less, chances are it won’t rank well. The same goes for websites with repeating and low-quality written content.

Business owner should also avoid buying into social media scams such as “instant 5,000 followers” commonly seen on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. These offers will seems enticing but there is no quality to the follows you will receive. This is because the accounts are often fake and equate to no real gain for the business; they won’t engage the business or its posts, they aren’t real people so they cannot suggest friends to the business or call for services themselves. The same concept applies when paying for website traffic. Yes, you may get the amount of traffic you paid for but are those visitors staying on the site, are they buying anything, will they come back or call?

Promoting Like its 1997: If someone’s sales pitch includes website Alexa Rankings or Google Page Rank (PR) Scores, then their marketing strategy may be stuck somewhere between Steve Jobs return to Apple Computers and the publication of the first Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". Yes. It has been that long!

Plenty of fun and great memories were made in the 90’s. However, the fact is innovations have made many products and services from that time obsolete and very much ineffective. Only companies that continue to train, research and innovate, like Leads Online Marketing, will have the ability to produce real results.

Guaranteed & Immediate Results: When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), results take time. It can take up to a month for a single effort to be seen by analytical tracking systems. This waiting period can be nerve racking for some anxious business owners who are paying a monthly bill for marketing, and it’s understandably so. This makes the alternative seem all the more appealing but do be warned, ‘fast results’ fade even faster.

Companies guaranteeing fast results are likely using ‘black hat’ or 'grey hat' tactics that can easily cause your business to be penalized by Google and other online authorities. This is not something to be taken lightly since those authority are the key to your business’ online success.

Competency: Can they do it? Will they do it? When? Of course the company you hire for your business online marketing needs has to be able to do the job they promise to do. They also have to be able to communicate effectively with you, your staff, and any other companies working on your behalf. In some cases for example, a website manager or managing service provider needs to collaborate with the SEO specialist in order to achieve the best results for their mutual client. If one is not responsive or refuses to collaborate, it will be your business that suffers the most.

We hope this article can help businesses big and small to avoid wasting their valuable time and money on products and services that “look” promising at first but, end up being worthless after all.  If you would like us to take a look at your current marketing programs and website give us a call at (704) 612-2442 or, fill out the contact form here to send us a message. We would also appreciate your feedback about our blog and website.

Monday, July 31, 2017

What's Happening Around North Carolina: July 2017 Edition

Here’s the latest buzz on what’s been happening in Charlotte and elsewhere in the Carolinas…

Charlotte is Getting a Dose of Kittens & Caffeine

Yup, you read that right. Charlotte, NC is becoming the newest addition to the US's collection of over 20 cat cafes. The owner of these cafes, Lori Konawalik, a wedding photographer and mother-of-three, is very happy to have her business making its way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

"Mac Tabby," as it is called, is a one-of-a-kind cafe that offers a relaxing area for people to mingle both with each other, and with cats, while getting their favorite drinks and listening to live music.
The café is expected to open up sometime this fall in the NoDa area of Charlotte.

Bigfoot Creates Big Laughs in Catawba County

Imagine seeing Bigfoot as you are driving down Startown Road in Maiden, NC. Eerie, right?
Well, that is exactly what's been happening in Catawba County, where a 7-foot tall half-ape, half-man "Bigfoot" has been frequently spotted. Although many locals know the monster, they have no idea as to where he came from.

This prompted WBTV to don their investigation caps, who later found out that "Bigfoot" is actually just a plywood cutout that has been painted black, made by a fun-loving local Morris Isenhour, who lives around a mile away from the "monster's" frequented spot.

People don't seem to mind Bigfoot so much though; in fact, many actually like being chased by him!! This friendly neighborhood monster makes for a fun selfie photo if you happen to spot it.

Slow Yet Steady

You all know about 2016's historic North Carolina wildfires. However, you may not know that those blazes almost destroyed an entire animal species. All of the noonday globe snail's only known habitat, a two mile section of a Nantahala river valley, had been devastated by fire which placed this already federally threatened snail on the brink of extinction –Or so it was thought.

During the spring following the wildfires, extensive surveys conducted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist revealed that some young snails actually survived in the original known habitat of the Nantahala Gorge. Even more surprising, the freshwater snail were discovered in previously unrecorded areas, showing that their range had expanded.

One biologist, Jason Mays said that although some snails did die, there was not dramatic change in the overall count of the species. This goes to show the power of nature, and how the seemingly destructive force like fire can breathe new life into the forest.

A Charlotte French Favorite adds New Location

If you are already a fan, you will be happy to learn that the 6th Amelie's Cafe is all set to open on Park Road. The French Cafe, which is famous for whimsical-yet-comfortable décor, such as creative fireplace mantles, striped blue-color walls and pots-and-pans chandelier, will also be adding a USB enabled outlets for a laptop bar. This convenient amenity allows guests to easily work while they are in the dining area.

The cafe will be offering its trademark sweet and savory items such as the colorful French macaron and pressed sandwiches, fresh soups, and others. Meanwhile, beverage options range from coffee and tea to beer and wine.

Google's YouTube TV Comes to Charlotte

This is being considered great news for TV buffs in Charlotte, NC. Google has launched its YouTube TV service in the city’s metro area. The service, which targets the budget-conscious family and millennials, will allow access to 6 accounts per household.

In addition to over 50 networks (FOX, CBS, ABC, AMC, and the like), YouTube TV will feature a cloud DVR that provides limitless storage for users. Furthermore, there will be no contract commitments for the service, which means that customers will be able to cancel (or join) any time they want!

This has been an interesting development in the city in addition to Google's fiber service, which was introduced in parts of Charlotte the summer of 2016. In addition, a promotional location called a Google “Fiber Space” was created in the Queen City’s downtown area within the specially refurbished walls of the Dixie’s Tavern.

New NC Island Bears New & Dangerous Discovers

North Carolina's Outer Banks just got a brand new island, and it is unlike anything ever seen before.
This area of the coast is used to seeing new sands make rise as the turbulent chill waters of the southbound Labrador Current crash into the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream. However, this most recent formation, nicknamed “Shelly Island”, is quite rare for its size. Almost a mile long, the crescent-shaped spit of sad looks comparable to a football field.

According to Danny Couch, local tour guide, historian and lifelong resident of the neighboring Hatteras, the new island is a "hoss." While he said that it wasn't anything totally new, it was most certainly the largest island he had seen in his lifetime.

The poet might say that ‘a moon has come up in the Graveyard of the Atlantic’ – a fair and ominous message to those wishing to visit the new island.

For the second time in one week, an unexploded World War II-era ordnance was found washed ashore Friday on Shelly Island. The potentially lethal discovery promptly lead to the subsequent evacuation of the area including public beaches.

An ordnance disposal team later removed the ordnance.

The new and ever popular island is a magnet for anglers and shell collectors, but Shelly Island has proved to be dangerous in many ways and that includes getting there. Officials have urged members of the public ‘do not attempt to swim or walk to the island’. Aside from the area having a history of washed up, unexploded WWII bombs, the surrounding waters have become abundant with tiger sharks and other potentially dangerous marine life. In addition, the area between the island and the point is often run over by a strong and wide rip current.

Big Changes Planned for RAD of Asheville

Anyone who would walk by Lyman Street in the River Arts District of Asheville today would see the street-art and graffiti-covered crumbling warehouses and perhaps feel sorry for what was once there. David LaFave, however, has a very different opinion to offer.

According to the Stoneyard apartments developer, that place has unbound potential. He sees it as an affordable artist studio space, a management office and a restaurant.

Lafave is the managing director for AltInvest Partners LLC, which has developed a 133-unit apartment complex at 175 Lyman St. - right across from the old 12 Bones. Along with Charlotte-based partner developer Gingko residential, it plans to develop another 4 buildings which would house single and double-occupancy units.

LaFave, however, is very interested in maintaining the warehouse aesthetic of the area and to that end, wishes to construct the building with brick and steel. Additionally, he also plans to raise the buildings 14 feet above land grade to keep away flooding issues, and constructing parking spaces between the buildings and underneath the raised struts.

Local residents, artists and fans of the graffiti gardens, as expected, have expressed strong reasons why they are either for and some are against the redevelopment project. Once the project receives City Council approval, construction would be expected to start in April 2018.

Here at Leads Online Marketing, we do our best to stay current and involved in our community and good causes across our great nation. Help us out by suggesting volunteer opportunities for our team and audiences as well as local stories we can share. We hope you give us the opportunity to prove ourselves as a great online marketing company and neighbors you can trust.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Social Media Saw Some Big Changes in 2016

Many of us would say 2016 was, well, quite the year to say the least. In many ways it was a tremendous year for change. With so many new things having been introduced, it should be no surprise that innovations were also made in social media. This is an industry that must keep up with the fast growing demands of online users and online marketing companies in order to survive.

phone displaying social media app icons, tablet displaying social media app icons, apps, social media, phone, tablet, social networking, social media networks, internet, online, networking, marketing, advertising, updates, 2016

Research has proven social media to be a major source of news and entertainment for many Americans as well as users across the globe. As the number of users continues to increase, social media platforms seem to constantly be planning, developing, and implementing new website designs and features. Some, of course, are better than other. In this blog, we will explore some of the changes made in 2016 to the most popular social media sites.

Just as it has been in prior years, Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media networks in the world. In fact, it boast nearly 1.9 billion unique users each month. That is almost a billion more than YouTube. As they sometimes say, “the bigger you are the harder you fall” and even though Facebook has not fallen they have certainly hit their fair share of bumps in the road to site redevelopment. However, the typical personal user was likely unaffected by those hiccups and only took notice of the site’s improvements. Advertisers may not have been so lucky.

For Facebook page admins, the glorious day finally arrived in 2016 when the profile picture was moved aside the cover photo. In the past, page cover photos had to compensate for the overlapping profile picture and overlapping tabs but, no more! Other changes on Facebook pages include the location of the tabs, introduction of a username, additional post styles and post call-to-action buttons. Overall, the appearance of both pages and profiles has changed for the better in 2016.

Another major social network worth mentioning is Google. Yes, Google is a social media network too and more specifically Google Plus (Google+). Google accounts tie together many different Google products including but not limited to Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Hangout, YouTube and Google+. Most of these products had an update in the past year.

Google+ is where the biggest change occurred with a complete overhaul of the site. For most of 2016, as changes were still being made, user had the option to Switch back to Classic but, no more. One thing Google+ Profiles and Pages both lost in the update was the ability to display multiple tabs. The main tabs that used to be available were “Post”, “Reviews” and “Videos”.  Now user only have a main page that displays posts and an about section.

Other social media networks that implemented some big changes last year include Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. As the world continues to develop and technology becomes more a part of our everyday lives, social media networks are sure to be working hard to keep up, especially with each other. Not only are they trying to keep the regular user satisfied, social media networking companies must also appease those marketing on their sites. In the meantime, we will be here to observe, share and utilize the innovations to come.

If you are a small business owner, it is important that your business be seen online. As we mentioned before, consumers now more than ever rely on the internet for information. That includes information about your business.

Not sure where or how to get started? Simple visit our website and request a meeting to learn how Leads Online Marketing can help your business stand out across the website. We can even help you setup and maintain social media for your business.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tips to Make Your Site More Eco-Friendly

The Web utilizes huge quantities of energy. A single search on Google apparently uses the same amount of energy it would take to boil one cup of water. Fortunately, the web is gradually becoming more eco-friendly. The difficulty is this means various things to various individuals. As more methods to lighten your website's environmental footprint are found, it ends up being increasingly hard to select the mix of actions best for your products and services.

There are a good deal motives for making your website go green. These vary from economical to moral. Given that not all energy eco-friendly, we all have a commitment to go a bit greener. In this article, we explain a few of the options available to make your website design greener.

Cause Marketing

Obtaining subscribers, followers and return viewers can be challenging. One way to both make your site more eco-friendly and encourage website visitors is to integrate the two by using an eco-incentive. This could be as easy as planting a tree for each customer or offsetting a provided quantity of CO2 for each Facebook page like.

To plant a tree for a subscriber, go to the Arbor Day Foundation. To offset carbon emissions for every subscriber, visit the Carbon Fund web site. We encourage you to explore each website to see how best to get involved. Be innovative, consider little yet significant action you can perform in return for receiving more customers on your website.

Spread out the Message

Regardless if your blog is about the environment or the stock market, you have the power of knowledge. You can encourage users to take steps to decrease their effect on the environment, to set their office to be more energy-efficient, and lots of other tips.

The following websites are terrific references to environment-friendly living suggestions that you can hand down to your subscribers:


Keep Your Design Practical

Each server request takes energy on both ends. The larger the action, the more energy consumed. Simple designs can be elegant and effective. You can likewise reduce your website's energy usage by publishing less images with lower resolution, using less JavaScript widgets, and utilizing less resource-intensive innovation, like Flash. This will reduce load time and server requests.

Streamlining your website is not only eco-friendly. It is also user friendly. Some of the most popular blog sites have really simple and user-friendly styles.

Tone Matters

Various amounts of energy are used to display colors on a computer screen. The older CRT screens used more energy to display lighter hues such as white (which could explain black style of some DOS programs). Meanwhile, the more recent more recent LCD monitors use more energy to show dark tones like black.

Because of the extensive use of LCDs, the darker the hue of your website, the more energy it will eventually utilize. Designing your website with a great deal of white space may be practical. Each page load might only conserve a small amount of energy, over the long-run, it will add up.

Whichever combination you choose, guests will value your ecological efforts. None of these efforts will alter the world alone, but every small step matters. It is approximated the Information Technologies industry creates about 2% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. That is equivalent to that of all airlines around the world. If all of us change our habits a little, in the house and in the office, the impact will be considerable.

If you are in need of a new website for your business, Leads Online Marketing LLC can help. We are confident our web designers and developers will build a good-looking, efficient website that will satisfy your wants and needs. For those business owners wishing to be as eco-friendly as possible, we can consult you on the best ways to achieve this for your website and online marketing strategies. Better your brand with a call to Leads Online Marketing today!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Just this week Google made a important update and has shifted the importance of mobile website design to epic proportions. With so much of the world having already gone mobile, there’s a need to accommodate web users on the go. Responsive website design is the best answer.

Incorporating responsive website design takes precise coding, which maximizes a user’s viewing experience. The majority of business owners are busy running their companies and don’t have time to learn complex coding languages. Consulting with a professional online marketing firm in such matters is the best way to stay on top of your online presence and make sure you are following all the rules for Google's best practices.

Responsive web design provides the following benefits:

Better User Experience

Arriving at the desktop version of a website on your mobile phone can be very frustrating. It also makes for a less than fulfilling user experience. Websites can now be designed to adapt to Mobile, Tablet and Desktop as well as major browsers like Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. Flexibility is another benefit as users are able to view content on different devices, screens and resolutions with ease.

Google Rewards

As of April 21 of 2015, Google now rewards mobile friendly sites and also penalizes sites without responsive web design. Rankings will also improve with responsive web design because they will have a matching URL and the exact same HTML across every platform. Google has cornered the market on web searches so when Google adjusts its ranking system, it is wise for advertisers to take notice.

Easier Manageability

Websites that have separate versions, mobile and desktop, have to establish SEO in two completely different ways. SEO tactics that work in the mobile world are very different from the ones used on desktop versions. With responsive web design, keywords and content which are specific to mobile formats can now be included and optimized accordingly with one single site and domain.

More Conversions

It has been proven through the use of Google Analytics that websites with responsive design have better conversion rates. The reason for that is there is less of a bounce rate as users tend to stay on this type of site much longer. It is also more cost effective as there is no need to invest in the design and SEO of different devices

The question is not why should you choose responsive website design, but why haven’t you chosen it already? Leads Online Marketing LLC in Charlotte NC has the experience and skill to turn your site into a whole new form of marketing, following Google's best practices, with expert responsive website design.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Core Principles of Online Marketing

I have been in the internet marketing field for 15 years and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that you must follow two fundamental rules to be successful marketing your company (or website) online. Online marketing is constantly evolving but these two staples will always remain strong.

 Rule 1

First, we need to make our customers happy. We need to offer them a easy way to access the information they are looking for whether looking for services they need or products they want to buy. Effective website design needs to function successfully on all available devices and platforms; including mobile phones, tablets and PC as well as browsers like Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. With all the new technology in wireless communications it is imperative for us to have our message clearly displayed at all times.

Rule 2

The second rule we need to follow to be successful online is to keep Google happy. I don’t know what search engine you use but according to searchenginewatch “Google holds a staggering 67.6 percent of the U.S. search engine market share” and goes on to say that “Bing remained a distant second with 18.7 percent”. This, I believe is well deserved because simply put, Google brings back better and more relevant search results.

My personal opinion puts Google above all the competition on almost every search. When using other engines, I always feel like the results are not as tailored to my searched keywords and phrases. Google has figured it out; they know that if they keep users coming back to them every time they are looking for a product or service that they will continue to make over a billion dollars a week! That’s over five million dollars per hour according to MOZ.

Keep Google Happy - Don’t take shortcuts

I often see people finding new ways to rank at the top of the search engines using any means possible. Here is the problem, you have some of the smartest people in the world working for Google, so much so they are making movies about getting a job with Google! How long do you think it will take for them to figure out the next best shortcut? What we have seen recently when they do see too much manipulation with results is a software or algorithm update. 

They are usually named something cute like panda, penguin, or hummingbird but will you still think it is so cute when your site is penalized? Most experts are now saying that if your site gets one of these penalties you are better off starting over with a fresh URL and clean content. Every year you hear about a new animal joining the Google Zoo. My advice is to stay off the radar. If you are going to do your own marketing then be sure you avoid the shortcuts or use a reputable company.

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